B.B. King Photog Tells Estate Snap, You're Sued

7/11/2016 12:10 AM PDT

B.B. King: Photog Tells Estate ... Snap, You're Sued


B.B. King and Universal Music Group straight up jacked a series of photos and used them on various album covers ... so claims a photographer in a new lawsuit.

Glen Craig says the blues legend and music publishing giant used his photos without permission and plastered them over B.B.'s albums, dating back to 1971.

The famed photog says Universal Music Group continued using the photos ... por ejemplo in 2012 with the 10-CD box set release of "Ladies and Gentlemen ... Mr. B.B. King."

Glen says he snapped the pics of B.B. back in the day.

He's suing for a chunk of the profits B.B. and Universal made on the albums.

We've reached out to B.B.'s estate and Universal ... so far no word back.