Jennifer Tilly Death Threat Target ... Suspect Talks Orlando Shooting

7/14/2016 12:30 AM PDT

Jennifer Tilly: Death Threat Target ... Suspect Talks Orlando Shooting


Actress and poker champ Jennifer Tilly is getting death threats from some creep who has the Orlando nightclub massacre on the brain.

Law enforcement in L.A. tells us they got a call from Tilly last month when the suspect tweeted a photoshopped pic of her head next to a bloody knife ... with the message, "funny memes about the massacre in Orlando," and "kill the @Jtillathekilla2" -- which is Tilly's username. 

According to legal docs obtained by TMZ, the suspect posted several other images of decapitated people on his or her page with a caption about beheading women, written in Portuguese. 

The "Family Guy" and "Monsters, Inc." star told cops the posts made her scared for her family's safety as well. 

Our law enforcement sources say they've determined the suspect is located out of country and poses no immediate threat, but cops will be keeping an eye on the situation.