Anton Yelchin's Parents Sue Chrysler ... Your Defective Shifter Killed Our Son

8/2/2016 11:33 AM PDT

Anton Yelchin's Parents Sue Chrysler: Your Defective Shifter Killed Our Son

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Anton Yelchin's parents blame Fiat Chrysler's faulty gear shift for the death of their son who suffered greatly as he was trapped against a gate ... this according to a new lawsuit. 

According to legal docs obtained by TMZ ... Irina and Viktor Yelchin say a defective e-shift gear selector led to the death of the "Star Trek" star after the actor got out of the vehicle, apparently believing he left his Jeep in park.

The suit claims Anton suffered after impact before ultimately succumbing to his injuries. According to the suit, "Yelchin was crushed and lingered alive for some time, trapped and suffocating until his death." 

The Yelchins claims echo those in previous lawsuits against the automaker, where vehicles have crushed drivers who get out thinking the vehicle is in park.