Amber Heard Depo Was a No-Go

8/8/2016 9:42 AM PDT

Amber Heard's Depo Was a No-Go


Amber Heard showed up for her deposition Saturday in her divorce/domestic violence case against Johnny Depp ... but she never took the oath and never testified about a thing ... sources connected to Amber tell TMZ.

We're told there was a videographer and court reporter present and Johnny's lawyers were at the conference room table, but Amber never even walked in the room the entire day. She was in a nearby office.

Mind you ... Amber showed up at around 11:30 AM -- she was an hour and a half late -- and didn't leave until 9 PM.

So, what happened inside the building? We're told both sides were talking settlement but no deal was struck. As for why Amber never entered the room, much less answered questions the entire day ... it's a mystery.