Kesha Jacket Bandit Fesses Up ... After Singer's Emotional Plea

8/9/2016 11:18 AM PDT

Kesha's Jacket Bandit Fesses Up


Kesha is about to be reunited with her precious tiger jacket after it was stolen out of her dressing room this weekend ... and the culprit has a very fishy explanation. 

The singer went to social media Monday night and begged her fans to help find the jacket -- and said it's so important to her, she'll kiss whoever finds it "on the f***ing mouth."

Well, the social media APB worked -- because sources close to Kesha tell us she was contacted by a person who said they have the jacket and wanted to return it. 

So, how'd they get it?

The person insists they "accidentally" took it from the dressing room ... and didn't mean any harm.

Yeah right.

Bottom line -- we're told Kesha is pumped to get it back and isn't planning on going to the cops.

No word if she still plans on delivering that mouth kiss.