Rob Ford Crack-Smoking Video Released ... Trashes Trudeau

8/11/2016 8:30 AM PDT

Rob Ford's Crack-Smoking Video Released

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A video of late Toronto mayor Rob Ford smoking crack has just been released to the public -- 5 months after he passed away from cancer.

In the video, shot in Feb. 2013, Ford hits a crack pipe while a friend trashes current Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, who was elected in 2015.  

The friend says, "I'd like to get that f***ing Justin Trudeau and shove my foot as far up his ass because I'm sure it would go real far."

Ford laughs and says, "He's a fat dick."

Ford also says he's mad about the misconception that he's a right wing radical.

Important to note Ford doesn't realize he's being recorded until the very end of the video. 

The video was used as an exhibit in the extortion trial of Rob's friend, Sandro Lisi ... who was charged with trying to extort a gang member to get the clip.

The court had ordered the video to stay private while the case was underway -- but on Thursday, the extortion charge against Lisi was dropped and the video was made public. 

Ford admitted to smoking crack during his time as mayor -- though he denied he was an addict.