Tyga Welcome Back to the U.S. You're Under Arrest

8/11/2016 3:08 PM PDT

Tyga: Welcome Back to the U.S., You're Under Arrest


Tyga is about to get an unwelcome homecoming when he returns to the U.S. from Turks and Caicos ... he's probably gonna get arrested.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... LAPD, L.A. County Sheriffs Dept. and U.S. Customs have been notified ... there's an arrest warrant out for Kylie Jenner's boyfriend. TMZ broke the story ... Tyga was a no-show in court earlier this week in connection with a $480k judgment his former landlord is trying to enforce.

The judge issued the warrant and it's now in both the federal and L.A. systems.

We're told when Tyga returns home, U.S. Customs will detain him and notify L.A. authorities, who can then come and hook him up.  

If Tyga decides not to fly directly to L.A., it won't solve his problem. If, for example, he lands in Miami, Customs will detain him and call L.A. authorities, who have the right to come and get him.

We're told L.A. law enforcement was specifically notified because Tyga is considered "high profile," especially because of his connection to the Kardashian clan.

Tyga can try to get the warrant recalled, with the help of his lawyer ... if the judge goes along.

To be continued.