Amber Heard, Johnny Depp Settlement Hits a Wall

8/15/2016 11:30 AM PDT

Amber Heard, Johnny Depp's Settlement Hits a Wall


TMZ has learned there's a stalemate in the legal war between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp ... and it all has to do with a joint statement about what happened -- or didn't happen -- on May 21.

Sources connected with Amber tell TMZ, the sticking point is that Amber wants a joint statement in which Johnny admits he committed domestic violence. Our Amber sources say Johnny's people came back loud and clear -- he will NEVER sign a document in which he admits to domestic violence because he never committed it.  

We've been reporting Amber demanded a phenomenal amount of money for their 15-month marriage ... the parties have settled on around $8 million, including lawyers' fees, but she wanted a lot more. Mind you -- all she'd be entitled to is half the earnings that were left after taxes and living expenses, and we're told they spent a lot of money together.

And we've learned Amber has hired a new lawyer to helm her case -- famed attorney Pierce O'Donnell, who recently repped Shelly Sterling in the Donald Sterling saga