Elon Musk Tesla Shareholder Sues ... Don't Burn Our Money to Save Your Crappy Solar Co.

9/7/2016 11:01 AM PDT

Elon Musk Sued Over Solar Co.


Elon Musk's trying to save his legacy off the backs of Tesla shareholders ... so claims a Tesla shareholder who's suing the icon.

The shareholder claims Elon's move to infuse his failing SolarCity with $2.6 billion of Tesla stock is outrageous, self-involved and irresponsible.  

According to the docs ... Elon's trying to run Tesla like a privately held company, moving money around not because it's right for the car company but to build his own legacy of changing the world.

The lawsuit claims Elon doesn't have his eye on the ball ... that Tesla itself is operating in the red, burning cash, and he should focus on building electric cars. The stockholder calls Elon's obsession with SolarCity "a dangerous distraction."

The shareholder says SolarCity is a stinker ... the company went on the auction block recently and didn't attract a single bidder.