Montel Williams I'm Dealing High Grade Pot ... But Not for Stoners

9/8/2016 12:30 AM PDT

Montel Williams is Dealing High Grade Pot


Montel Williams is about to launch a line of potent medical marijuana products to fight chronic pain -- but of course ... it's also gonna get some people SUPER high. 

Montel's taking his marijuana advocacy to the next level -- launching a bud line called LenitivLabs. He's been a medical marijuana advocate for 17 years, since he smokes the potent stuff to combat his constant pain related to Multiple Sclerosis.

Montel says his pot strain will be the highest quality and consistency without any harmful additives. If all goes well -- meaning big sales -- he wants to fund more research for medical cannabis uses.

LenitivLabs will make its debut in L.A. at the Cannabis World Congress and Business Exposition -- yep, that's a thing -- where we're guessing there will be more than a few high attendees.