Adam Levine Fine, I'll Drop My Price ... Take My Crib Off My Hands For $16 Mil

9/15/2016 7:44 AM PDT

Adam Levine Drops Price of His Crib to $16 Mil


Adam Levine needs a new shower to sing in -- but he's gotta unload his Bev Hills mansion first ... which just dropped in price by more than $1.5 million. 

Adam had his 5 bed, 7 bath pad listed at $17.5 mil earlier this summer, but no one was biting. So he gave in to the cheapskates and cut it down some ... to $15.95 mil.

For what it's worth ... the place sure looks like a few million bucks. At 7,100 sq. feet, the gated one-story home comes equipped with a HUGE living room, its own theater, library, gym, spa, tennis court and pool ... plus a two-story garage.

For all that luxury ... it's time for buyers to pony up and help Adam out.