Gene Simmons Wanna Win War on Terror? Profile Everyone, Even Me!

9/19/2016 4:01 PM PDT

Gene Simmons Wants to Embrace Profiling in Wake of Terror Attacks

Gene Simmons' hat is off to cops who captured the suspect in the NY/NJ explosions so quickly -- and he has a strong suggestion on how to squash the threat of more terrorism. 

The KISS co-founder says it's time for America to embrace profiling because it's the best way for cops to thwart future attacks. His theory might sound Donald Trump-esque, but at LAX ... Gene seemed less than crazy about jumping on that bandwagon.

Check out the video -- he also had some choice words for Ahmad Rahami, and his potential prison life, now that he's been charged for the recent attacks.

Hint: Rahami won't be lonely if Gene gets his wish.