Pam Anderson Sexual Assault Warning Attacks Rideshare Drivers

11/2/2016 12:30 AM PDT

Pam Anderson Issues Warning About Rideshare App Drivers


Pam Anderson is afraid of getting raped, and afraid you could be too if you use those popular rideshare apps.

Check out Pammy playing "The Driving Game" ... it's a game show-styled PSA she shot which strongly suggests drivers for rideshare apps -- like Uber or Lyft -- aren't properly vetted, and are committing sexual assaults at alarming rates.

There are few hard stats on the matter, but fact is ... some police departments, like Boston's, have issued warnings about such services after alleged sexual assaults. Other cities, like Austin, have flat-out banned Uber and Lyft for refusing to submit drivers for fingerprints.

Reps for both companies insist all their drivers go through background checks. Lyft's rep also said the PSA "misleads consumers about the many safety benefits of ridesharing."

Besides rigorous vetting of drivers ... Lyft points out its app allows passengers to share their ETA with loved ones, so they'll know where you are at all times during a ride.