Hillary Clinton Pulls Plug On Election Night Fireworks

11/7/2016 8:07 AM PST

Hillary Clinton Pulls Plug On Election Night Fireworks


Hillary Clinton will NOT light up the sky over NYC if she wins the Presidency -- her campaign is calling off a planned fireworks show ... TMZ has learned.

The Clinton campaign had contacted the Coast Guard for permission to pull off a 2 minute long fireworks display over the Hudson River when the election results went final. The fireworks would be visible from the Jacob Javits Center, where she's holding her election night party.

But the Coast Guard tells TMZ ... Clinton's camp reached out on Thursday -- 2 days after her fireworks plan was uncovered -- to say it wouldn't be shooting off the 10" aerial shells, after all.

The Coast Guard says the campaign offered no explanation for the about-face. We've reached out to the Clinton campaign ... no word back yet.

Looks like it'll be strictly sparklers for Hillary Tuesday night ... IF she wins.