Election Day 2016 GA Voter Smells Something Rotten Computer Said I Already Voted!

11/8/2016 10:48 AM PST

Georgia Voter Smells Something Rotten, Computer Said He Already Voted


A Georgia voter nearly got screwed out of casting his ballot because of an alleged computer glitch, but he thinks something's suspicious ... and Donald Trump might wanna pay attention.

Todd Saine tells TMZ he was checking in to his polling place at Columbus Technical College Tuesday morning when the polling staff told him he already voted, and couldn't cast another vote.

Todd says he was forced to wait in line with many others who had the same problem. Eventually, a supervisor for the Columbus County election board came to the polling place to sort out the mess.

After the supervisor questioned him, Todd says they deleted his record of voting and allowed him to cast his actual vote ... for Donald Trump.

We spoke with the Director of Elections and Registration in Columbus, who confirmed there was an issue with the electronic poll lists, and they've now switched to using paper lists to check in voters for the rest of the day. Todd says there were dozens of people affected, but the Director says it was 5 to 10 people.

The official says no votes were compromised. Todd seems less than convinced.