The Mannequin Challenge Everybody Freeze for Emergencies ... Red Cross Makes Pitch

11/12/2016 12:30 AM PST

The Mannequin Challenge, Everybody Freeze for the Red Cross


The American Red Cross wants people to take pause for the Mannequin Challenge and actually do it for a cause.

A rep for the humanitarian org tells TMZ they'd love to have their name attached to the viral movement that's swept across the country, where folks stand still in crazy poses for a good minute and have someone record the scene.

While the Ice Bucket Challenge helped raise more than $115 mil for ALS research -- the Red Cross says it will accept more than cash from Mannequin Challengers. It's also in the market for blood and volunteer time donations.

Bottom line: next time you and your pals dummy up ... #RedCross, if you're so inclined.