Cris Collinsworth Shot Fired at Bill Simmons ... Your Show Flopped!

11/14/2016 3:03 PM PST

Cris Collinsworth Fires at Bill Simmons ... Your Show Flopped!

Cris Collinsworth is straight Twitter beefin' with Bill Simmons ... and it's kind of awesome.

Here's the long story short ... Simmons was snarkin' on Twitter Sunday night during the Pats vs. Seahawks game on 'SNF' ... which Collinsworth was announcing. 

Bill commented that someone needed to "gently" inform Cris that the Seahawks offense was dominating the Pats because they have a weak front 7. 

CC didn't take kindly to the criticism and fired back. 

"Thanks Bill, we'll look for you 'gently' breaking it down on that hit show of yours."


Of course, Cris was referring to Bill's show, "Any Given Wednesday" -- which was recently cancelled after disappointing ratings. 

Cris has since deleted his tweet.