Donald Trump, Kanye West Chitchatting About 'Life'

12/13/2016 9:34 AM PST

Donald Trump and Kanye West Chitchatting About 'Life'


Donald Trump and Kanye West met for 15 minutes and talked about life ... nothing more, and Kanye left the Prez-elect a souvenir -- an artsy book that includes nude pics!

As we reported, Kanye requested the meeting -- which Ivanka attended too -- and Trump obliged. We've learned there was NO talk about Kanye performing at an inauguration event, and no talk about Kanye participating in any way in the new administration.

As for the book ... it's a compilation of photos, including people wearing hoodies, a display of various tattoos and, yes, some nudes.

Our sources say it will NOT go on Trump's coffee table.