Richard Marx & Daisy Fuentes The Flight Attendant Who Couldn't Shoot Straight

12/21/2016 6:33 AM PST

Richard Marx Calls BS on Korean Air Flight Attendant


Daisy Fuentes was dead wrong when she claimed the flight attendant on a Korean Air flight couldn't subdue an unruly passenger because she didn't know how to handle a taser ... so says Korean Air.

The flight attendant didn't fire the weapon because the passenger in question was bouncing around, and she was worried she might inadvertently shoot another passenger ... at least that's what the airline tells TMZ.

As we reported ... Richard Marx and Daisy were on a Korean Air flight when a guy flipped out and Richard had to step in to help restrain him. Daisy and Richard claimed the crew didn't know how to handle the situation.

Korean Air adds ... "The flight attendant considered the safety of the other passengers and decided to restrain the passenger with ropes."

Here's the question ... why couldn't the guy be tased at close rage?