Blac Youngsta Rips 'Grandma Bra' Wearing Strippers

1/11/2017 3:53 PM PST

Blac Youngsta Rips 'Grandma Bra' Wearing Strippers


Blac Youngsta admits leaving the strippers at Ace of Diamonds high and dry in the tip department, but says it's their fault for wearing cheap-ass lingerie and not getting naked.

The Memphis rapper fired back at the AoD ladies ... who've been very vocal about Youngsta and his crew leaving zero dollars for services rendered on the stage Monday night.

He's pissed at the club for paying him "crumbs" for his appearance, but says the bigger issue is strippers with bullet wounds ... who don't strip at all.

Blac Youngsta's rebuttal to the pissed off AoD dancers is brutal ... yet entertaining.