The Obamas Their Last Presidential-ish Flight

1/20/2017 2:50 PM PST

Now Boarding for Obamas' Last Presidential-ish Flight

Barack and Michelle Obama had good friends waiting to join them for their last ride in the lap of Air Force One-ish luxury.

Obama's ambassador to Spain, James Costos, posted a pic from inside the jet, watching the now former prez and First Lady walking the red carpet to climb aboard. Looks like they snacked on grapes.

Giving Costos a ride is the least they could do. As we first reported ... the Obamas are heading to the Palm Springs home of Costos and his husband, Michael Smith, who's been the White House decorator.

FUN FACT: Obama's ride is no longer designated Air Force One -- not since Trump took the oath, anyway. It's official call letters are SAM (Special Air Mission) 28000.

Same perks, different name.