Korean Air Sued The Worst Part of Waking Up Is Folgers in Your Lap

1/29/2017 12:20 AM PST

Korean Air Sued By Passenger Over Coffee Spill


Korean Air flight attendants throw caution and coffee to the wind ... so claims a passenger who is suing the airline for what he says are severe java burns.

Charles Martel claims in a new lawsuit he was minding his own business on a 2015 flight when the flight attendant put a mug of piping hot coffee on the smooth flat surface of his tray table as the plane was shaking from turbulence. He says the coffee cup tilted and the hot liquid cascaded into his lap.

Martel says he was buckled up because of the bumpy flight, so had to just sit there as the coffee bubbled and burned his skin.

Martel claims the mishap would never have gone down had the flight attendant put the mug in the cup holder. At the very least, she could have warned him the coffee was very hot.

Martel wants medical expenses and loss of income.