Demi Lovato $8 Million Home Unsafe After Landslide

1/31/2017 10:02 AM PST

Demi Lovato's New $8.3 Mil Home Unsafe after Landslide


Demi Lovato just got a taste of living in the Hollywood Hills -- a bad taste -- because her house is in danger of sliding down a cliff.

Demi's home got red tagged Monday night ... a house above the singer's was compromised by the storms and a mudslide cascaded into her driveway. The hillside above -- with a house attached -- could slide right into Demi's ... worst-case scenario.

Her house is in the Laurel Canyon area ... not too far from another home that caused chaos earlier this month when a portion of the foundation slid down the hill.

Demi bought the house for $8.3 million back in September and hasn't even moved in.

In case you're interested ... the house is 5,546 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 5 1/2 baths. We're guessing she might be in the market to negotiate.