Tyson Beckford I Pulled a Gun, but the Other Guy Started It It's an Eye for an Eye

2/2/2017 2:57 PM PST

Tyson Beckford Pulls Gun on Scary Process Server


Tyson Beckford pulled a gun on a process server, but he says there's a very good explanation ... the guy was scary and aggressive as hell, and he wore an eyepatch.

Flashback to last Thursday, when a guy knocked at Tyson's Miami apartment door at around 9 in the morning. When Tyson answered, the guy says he identified himself and explained he was there to serve him with a lawsuit, in which Tyson was sued for allegedly failing to promote and market his Beckford Bar exercise equipment.

The process server says Tyson slammed the door in his face, but the guy made it clear the actor/model was officially served and he was leaving the papers at the front door. The guy says the next thing he knew, Tyson opened the door with gun in hand, ordering him to leave the building.

Tyson tells TMZ, yes, he pulled a gun, but he lives in a secure building and without any advance warning, someone started knocking at his door. When Tyson answered, he saw "a very large white guy with an eyepatch."

Tyson says the guy refused to ID himself, so he tried closing the door but the guy got super aggressive and tried pushing the door back open. Tyson says he felt threatened, so he pulled a gun to get him to leave the building. BTW, Tyson adds he has a concealed weapons permit.

We're told the process server did not file a police report.