Diplo Super Bowl Show Shut Down By Cops

2/5/2017 6:44 AM PST

Diplo's Pre-Super Bowl Show Shut Down By Houston Cops


12:36 PM PT -- Turns out the "cops" in this clip are actually contracted security guards ... and they were just doing what everyone knew they'd do right around 2 AM when the party was set to be over.

Diplo's pre-Super Bowl show in Houston got an abrupt ending by cops ... who ripped the mic away from him, told everyone to skedaddle, but that doesn't mean they're not fans.

The DJ was performing at the Rolling Stone Live: Houston party Saturday night at the Museum of Fine Arts ... when an officer jumped on stage and pulled the plug.

For what it's worth, Diplo didn't seem too pissed, and the cops tell us it not personal.