Jenni Rivera Estate Univision Series Is Killing Her Rep To the Tune of $10 MIL!

2/7/2017 7:41 AM PST

Jenni Rivera's Estate Sues Univision, TV Series Killing Her Reputation to Tune of $10 MILLION


Jenni Rivera is getting dragged through the mud by a Univision TV series about her life, and it's all because her former manager's got loose lips ... according to a new lawsuit.

Jenni Rivera Enterprises filed the suit against Univision over "Su Nombre Era Dolores, La Jenn Que Yo Conoci" (for gringos that's "Her Name Was Dolores, the Jenn That I Knew") -- which started airing last month. JRE says the show is based on a tell-all book written by Pete Salgado ... who was Jenni's "on and off manager" for many years.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Salgado had signed a non-disclosure agreement with the late singer, and his collaboration with the weekly TV series' producers is a flagrant breach of that contract. JRE points out Univision promoted the series as a look at Jenni's life through Salgado's eyes.

JRE adds the show is filled with defamatory scenes about Jenni and her 5 children ... although it doesn't specify any scenes. It's suing for at least $10 million in damages.

We don't know how accurate it is, but we'll say this ... some of the show comes off like soft porn.