Joanna Krupa vs. Strip Club She's Just Not Stripper Material ... Club Fires Back!

2/15/2017 10:51 AM PST

Joanna Krupa's Strip Club Lawsuit Is Absurd, Everyone KNOWS She's Not Stripper Material


Joanna Krupa's legal attack on a Florida strip club is ridiculous, because no reasonable person would expect to see her working the pole ... according to the club itself.

Pink Pony Tampa says, in docs obtained by TMZ, its use of her image to promote special events is NOT false advertising ... as she claims in her lawsuit. Say what you want about strip club patrons, but Pink Pony says they're not stupid enough to think the "pretty faces" in advertisements would be at the club.

As the Pony puts it ... no one expects Colonel Sanders to serve the chicken at KFC. 

We broke the story ... Krupa's suing the club for slapping her image on "dance and shower" show ads without consent, and without paying her.

Pink Pony wants the case dismissed because it says Joanna hasn't proved she owns the photos it's using. Plus, as they see it, she's just too damn hot for their stage.

Congrats, Joanna. You're real pretty.