Johnny Depp to Ex-Managers You Suing ME Is a Joke! Check My IRS Records

2/22/2017 2:58 PM PST

Johnny Depp Says Ex-Managers Suing Him Is a Joke, IRS Docs Prove It


Johnny Depp's ex-managers have a collective brass pair for suing him ... according to Johnny who says he has massive tax receipts to prove how much they screwed him.

Depp and his old management firm, TMG, are locked in a huge legal battle -- first, Johnny said they defrauded him out of $25 million and then TMG filed a countersuit against him. But in new docs, Johnny says it's laughable they'd try to sue him.

According to the docs, Johnny says TMG cost him more than $6 million in fines and penalties to the IRS from 2000 to 2015. He says the firm also dropped a seven-figure screw job on him for his California state taxes. To be clear, Depp's already paid the penalties, but he ain't happy about it.

Depp says his new management discovered TMG's "negligence and misconduct" in 2016 -- it's one of the reasons he originally filed his fraud lawsuit last month.

He's submitting the proof of bad performance to convince a judge to toss TMG's suit against him.