Carnival Company Sued The Ring of Fire Ride Electrocuted Me

2/26/2017 12:40 AM PST

Carnival Sued for Electrocuting Worker


The Shelby County carnival in Tennessee is so dangerous it's shocking ... according to a new suit.

A carnival employee is suing Amusements of America -- one of the largest traveling amusement park companies -- claiming it failed to safely set up the Ring of Fire thrill ride in August 2016 ... which led to him being electrocuted.

The man says the ride hit a power line 35 feet in the air while it was being raised, which caused an electrical overload in a nearby generator. Problem is -- the guy claims he was using that generator to set up another carnival ride, and he got zapped.

According to the docs ... high-voltage currents from the generator shot into the man's hands as he held the controls. He says he was "frozen" in extreme pain until the current left his body by "exploding" out the bottom of his left foot. He says his shoe erupted in flames.

The man claims he was severely and permanently injured and his foot required 2 surgeries before he could leave the hospital.

He's asking for $25 million.