Wisconsin Sued Hate to Badger Ya ... But We Want Our Irish Butter Back!

3/17/2017 1:34 PM PDT

Wisconsin Sued for Banning Kerrygold Irish Butter

Some butter-hungry Wisconsinites are yelling Erin go Bragh, and suing the state just to get their fave Irish spread back on shelves!

The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty is suing the state's Dept. of Agriculture on behalf of 4 pissed off consumers and a grocery store, claiming the Butter Law of 1954 is depriving residents of enjoying Kerrygold butter.

The old law requires butter to be graded by U.S. or Wisconsin inspectors ... which isn't possible for Kerrygold because it's made and packaged in Ireland. The advocacy group claims the law's true motive is killing competition for Wisconsin's dairy industry.

According to docs, the butter 5-0's been cracking down, and violators risk jail time and hefty fines.

The butter lovers want the court to overturn the 1954 law. A rep for the Dept. of Agriculture tells us "enforcement action has been limited to notifying retailers of what the law says."

So, no arrests yet, but also no Kerrygold. Sláinte!