LA Fitness Sued Your Spa's So Gross ... It Gave Me Legionnaires!!

3/25/2017 7:44 AM PDT

LA Fitness Sued by Man Claiming Spa Gave Him Legionnaires' Disease

LA Fitness spas are so nasty and overrun with dangerous bacteria, sitting in one can put you in the hospital for a week ... according to a new lawsuit.

A New York man is suing the health club for $2.5 MILLION for allegedly giving him Legionnaires' disease -- which led to severe pneumonia -- after he used its spa on November 30, 2016. According to the docs ... the man became violently ill shortly afterward and ended up in the hospital for 5 days.

The man claims the spa was contaminated with Legionella bacteria because the club failed to keep it sanitary ... and the Nassau County Health Dept. found several violations in the spa and pool and shut it down.

The man's suing for making him sick and all his pain and suffering.

We reached out to LA Fitness ... so far, no word back.