Dream Hotel Founder LiLo's Party Pal ... Pleads Guilty to Animal Cruelty

4/18/2017 10:04 AM PDT

Dream Hotel Founder Pleads Guilty to Animal Cruelty


Dream Hotel founder Vikram Chatwal, formerly a close friend of Lindsay Lohan, has struck a plea deal in his bizarre animal cruelty case.

TMZ broke the story ... NYPD arrested Chatwal in October for walking up to 2 dogs and burning them with an aerosol can and lighter. He was booked for felony criminal mischief and 3 misdemeanors ... animal torture, reckless endangerment and arson.

He's now pleading guilty to 2 misdemeanors, including attempted aggravated animal cruelty ... according to the Manhattan D.A.'s Office. Under the deal, Chatwal must undergo extensive psychological and drug treatment, do 5 days community service and pay $1,039 in restitution to the ASPCA.

He also has to register as an animal abuser, and will be placed under a 5-year animal ban ... which means he can't own or have custody of any animals.