Model Anna Herrin No Hard Feelings, Ja Rule ... I Enjoyed Fyre Fest, Really!!

5/2/2017 12:20 AM PDT

Model Anna Herrin Says She Had a Blast at Fyre Festival, Really


Model Anna Herrin has nothing in common with the angry Fyre Festival goers suing over the disaster ... because she actually had a great time!

Anna was at LAX Monday when she explained how she not only survived what everyone else is calling Ja Rule's epic failure -- but thrived. It's true ... the look on Anna's face down in the Bahamas was a far cry from the people shoved in FEMA tents after paying big money for tix.

As for all the people suing ... Anna has a far more forgiving outlook -- most likely because she was one of the models pumping up Fyre on social media.

Ja Rule might wanna line her up to testify on his behalf.