Fyre Festival Sandwich Pic Was the Real Scam Guests Had Real Food!!!

5/1/2017 11:10 AM PDT

Fyre Festival Sandwich Photo Was Staff Lunch, Guests Had Real Food


The Fyre Festival's now notorious sandwich photo was the staff lunch and guests actually got awesome food ... so claim sources connected to festival organizers.

We're told guests were served chicken, pasta, burgers and fries and salad ... not just a gnarly cheese sandwich. As for breakfast ... donuts, waffles and coffee. 

People who attended the festival tell us quite a few people were actually staying in villas near the campsite ... the tents were low-end accommodations. And, we're told, the people who rented villas had access to speedboats.

We're also told Billy McFarland vows to return everyone's money, and he's "devastated."

We haven't gotten any word that anyone has received a refund ... so far.

As we reported ... there's a $100 million lawsuit against McFarland and Ja Rule, claiming they committed fraud and lied about the festival from the get-go.