Katherine Jackson Pays Thousands to Support Her Kids ... Trent Claims

5/11/2017 2:15 PM PDT

Katherine Jackson Supports Michael's Siblings with $67,000 Monthly Stipend, Claims Trent


Katherine Jackson pays tens of thousands of dollars each month to cover her kids' expenses, so she shouldn't have a problem paying her nephew Trent's legal fees ... according to him.

Trent Jackson wants Katherine to cover the expenses he incurred while defending himself against her claims of elder abuse. In new legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- he says Katherine told him she receives a $67,000 monthly stipend from Michael Jackson's estate, which she doles out to some of her kids to support them and their families.

In the docs, Trent says Katherine told him she gave $12,000/month to Jermaine Jackson ... $7,000/mo. to Rebbie Jackson ... $30,000/mo. to La Toya Jackson ... and $9,850/mo. toward a rental in Calabasas where Jermaine and Randy Jackson's kids stay.

That adds up to $58,850 ... almost all of her stipend.

Trent says in light of that kind of spending, Katherine can afford to pay his attorneys, Ron Rale and Philip Cohen, the more than $58,000 in fees for dragging him into court on a case that was ultimately thrown out. Btw, Trent still believes Katherine's kids coerced her into filing the case.