Scott Disick Overseas Bender ... AWOL from His Family

6/3/2017 12:50 AM PDT

Scott Disick's in Party Mode Again, No Sign of Slowing Down


Scott Disick's current bender has almost reached the 2-week mark, and Kourtney Kardashian has no clue when he plans to return home to be with his kids.

Sources tell us Scott was supposed to return to L.A. after his Cannes trip last week. Instead, he hightailed it for Monaco, then Ibiza and eventually London. We're told he's had virtually no contact with the Kardashians or his kids, who are now with Kourtney after her Cannes escapade.

As we reported, things went south quick when Scott brought Bella Thorne to France. We're told the people he's been hanging with since then are considered his "party friends," and Scott's close friends are concerned.

While Kourtney's over Lord D, romantically ... we're told she's still expecting him to be a responsible dad. Right now, that's not looking good.