Water Slide Viral Vid Strong Sign It's a Fake, But ...

6/6/2017 1:36 PM PDT

Water Slide Viral Video, Strong Sign It's a Fake, But ...

That amazing water slide video -- where the guy glides across the surface of the pool -- is really fishy. Or at least one key part of it is.

Like the rest of you, we've been watching the clip over and over ... trying to understand how it could be. Admittedly, we suck at physics, but we slowed down the video and noticed the electric glider's shirt appears to be fully on as he scoots across the water. Just as he reaches the pool's edge, a woman walks in front of the camera -- after she passes, the guy is pulling his shirt back over his head.

Hmm ... seems like there could have been an edit.

Still, we also found a slew of other vids from the resort in Ocho Rios, Jamaica and there are NO obvious edits in these clips. Like we said ... physics. Go figure.