Amazon Sued Over Hoverboard Fire Burned Down House, Incinerated Dogs

6/7/2017 12:20 AM PDT

Amazon Sued Over Hoverboard That Burned Down House and Incinerated Dogs


A California family is suing Amazon for allegedly selling them a hoverboard with a cheap battery that caught fire and burned down their home and incinerated their 2 beloved pooches, Bella and Boo.

The family claims Amazon sold them a hoverboard for Christmas, 2015, with a substandard battery and a manual instructing them to "store the scooter indoors."

A month later they say they left the scooter charging inside their home and came back to find the home engulfed in flames as firefighters tried in vain to revive Bella and Boo on their front lawn.

A day after their home burned down, the family claims a worried neighbor who had purchased the same hoverboard called Amazon's customer service line and was instructed to 86 the scooter. 

The family says even worse ... the company issued an alert warning of the danger, but never notified them.

We reached out to Amazon ... a rep says they have no comment.