Bill Cosby Trial Wife Still No-Shows in Court

6/7/2017 1:52 PM PDT

Bill Cosby's Wife Continues to No-Show for Sexual Assault Trial

Bill Cosby's wife was MIA from court for the 3rd consecutive day of his sexual assault trial, and it's standing out to the media ... and possibly the jury. 

We checked, and Bill and Camille Cosby haven't been photographed together in public since April 26, when they walked separately into an NYC office building.

While Cosby has shown up for his trial in PA with 2 former co-stars this week -- Keshia Knight Pulliam on Monday, and Sheila Frazier on Wednesday -- Camille no-showing could hurt her husband's defense.

Fact is, in sexual assault cases, attorneys typically want the spouse of the accused to publicly show support. There are reports Camille will eventually be in court, but first impressions matter ... especially with juries.

We reached out to Cosby's reps to see if there's a reason for Camille's absence, but no word back.