Mel B Belafonte's Pockets Can Wait ... Support Ruling Delayed

6/7/2017 3:54 PM PDT

Mel B Doesn't Have to Pay Yet, Judge Delays Ruling on Stephen Belafonte's Spousal Support Request

Stephen Belafonte's complaints about being broke as a joke fell on deaf ears, as the judge pushed off a decision on how much, if any, spousal support Mel B should pay.

As we reported, Belafonte says he's on hard times -- making zero dollars, running up credit card debt ... and desperately in need of cash flow. He got no sympathy from Mel's attorneys who requested a continuance on the money ruling.

Mel's team argued it's premature to talk money because she's incurred expenses related to the restraining order she has against him, and Stephen might end up having to cover some of that bill.

The judge agreed and pushed the hearing to the end of the month.

Meanwhile, Stephen wanted to change the location where he has monitored visits with their daughter. He complained photogs were getting shots of her. The judge delayed that hearing until next week.