Jason Derulo Don't Blame Me for Hank Williams ... I'm Just Here for 'MNF'!!

6/10/2017 12:50 AM PDT

Jason Derulo's Ready to Bring His Own Vibe to 'MNF' Song, Ignores Hank Williams Jr. Flak


Jason Derulo wasn't scared away from doing the "Monday Night Football" theme by the controversy surrounding Hank Williams Jr. ... because working on the song's too big to pass up.

Some people were shocked ESPN brought Hank back for 'MNF' after he was fired in 2011 for comparing Obama to Hitler. But Derulo isn't fazed by Hank's past comments ... he says he's just excited to be part of the legendary football song's revival.

Long story short -- Derulo is down to work with Hank, but when it comes to how he feels about him personally ... he's not going there. It's just business ... and all about that Monday night party.