Hot Boys Rapper Turk C'mon, Rick Ross ... Leave Me Out of Your Birdman Beef

6/16/2017 12:30 AM PDT

Hot Boys Rapper Turk Wants Rick Ross to Leave Him Out of Birdman Beef


Turk from the Hot Boys is begging Rick Ross to quit dragging him into the longstanding feud between Rozay and Birdman.

Ross dropped his Birdman diss track, "Idols Become Rivals," this week, calling out the Cash Money honcho for allegedly withholding royalties from most, if not all, of his label's artists ... including Turk.

Rick raps, "Turk came home, take that boy a three piece" -- insinuating he can't afford food because Birdman ain't paying him. It's true, he once sued Birdman for $1.3 mil in unpaid royalties -- but Turk tells us he squashed the money war, and is on good terms with Baby.

He wants to keep it that way, and insists Rick should leave others out of his fights, or even better ... just stop fighting.