Adele Cancels Final World Tour Dates 'I've Damaged My Vocal Cords'

6/30/2017 5:11 PM PDT

Adele Cancels Final World Tour Dates Due To Damaged Vocal Cords

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Adele has canceled the final two concerts on her 123-date world tour saying the show can't go on because she's damaged her vocal cords.

Adele shared a lengthy and heartfelt message to her fans Friday explaining that she felt like she was constantly clearing her throat during the first 2 shows of a sold out 4-night run at Wembley Stadium in London. Although she took a bunch of steroids and meds, it didn't help and doctors have advised her not to proceed with the final 2 Wembley gigs.

She says a refund will be given if the shows aren't rescheduled, so it doesn't seem like she's thinking this is the end all be all.

Adele's vocal cords have persistently given her problems. In 2011, she had surgery on them to remove a polyp.

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