Mischa Barton My Ex-BF Has 'Doctored' Sex Tapes

6/30/2017 3:34 PM PDT

Mischa Barton Says Ex-BF Has 'Doctored' Sex Tape Copies

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Mischa Barton says she found proof one of her exes has copies of what she calls "doctored" sex tapes.

She was supposed to have a courtroom showdown Friday with Adam Spaw, but he was absent due to a family illness. Instead, his attorney appeared and heard Mischa plead her case to a judge for a permanent restraining order.

She claimed Spaw left behind multiple flash drives -- containing the "doctored" tapes -- when he moved out of their home. The judge pressed Mischa to explain what was doctored ... and she would only say they weren't originals.

The judge set a new July court date for Spaw to respond to the allegations -- and re-issued Mischa's temporary restraining order. Outside court, she was pretty thrilled with the judge's decision.