Rick Ross Sued You Bailed on Us!!! Gonna Need That $87k

7/6/2017 12:49 PM PDT

Rick Ross Sued for Bailing on Concert and Holding Deposit (UPDATE)


Rick Ross was a no-show for a concert, but still made off with a ton of cash ... so claims the company suing him to get back that dough.

Washington County Family Entertainment says it hired Rick for an outdoor concert at Wild Things Park in Washington, PA -- but the Boss bailed just 2 days before the show. According to the suit, obtained by TMZ, Rick's contract explicitly said he "cannot cancel once the contract is executed and tickets are on sale."

WCFE says Rick's camp explained it had to cancel Rick's entire weekend lineup due to family and health issues. The problem is ... Rick go$150k up front, according to docs, but he's refunded less than half that amount.

WCFE is suing to get the remaining $87,500 balance plus expenses.

Rick's booking agency says it only received $40k, not $150k, and the contract always allowed for him to reschedule if he couldn't perform due to illness. Rick's team says they wanted a rain check to Aug. 12, but that seems unlikely now ... with the lawsuit and such.