Chris Cornell Suicide Scene Blood Not Evidence of Foul Play

7/12/2017 10:30 AM PDT

Chris Cornell, Blood in Suicide Photos NOT Evidence of Foul Play


The smeared blood found on the floor of Chris Cornell's hotel bathroom does not indicate foul play as some have suggested ... TMZ has learned.

After photos of Chris' suicide scene were released Tuesday, people speculated foul play was involved because a significant amount of blood was under the singer's body, where he hanged himself.

We contacted several medical examiners and other professionals who say it's common for hanging victims to bleed from the mouth or nose from a buildup of blood and tension in the head.

Emergency responders found Chris' face "covered in blood spatter" ... this according to the police report. According to the Wayne County Medical Examiner's report, there was "pronounced congestion of the head and neck above the ligature furrow mark" ... which means significant swelling under the skin above the neckline created by the noose.

As for why the blood was smeared ... Chris' bodyguard and paramedics moved the body during a failed attempt to revive him.