President Trump Says Oui, Oui, Oui To French First Lady's Body

7/13/2017 1:14 PM PDT

President Trump Openly Admires French First Lady Brigitte Macron's Body

President Trump got an eyeful of French President Emmanuel Macron's wife and, in the most awkward way possible ... made it clear he liked what he saw.

Trump, with Melania at his side, greeted Brigitte Macron Thursday in Paris -- and in video posted on Prez Macron's Facebook ... POTUS was overheard saying, "You're in such good shape. Beautiful."

The issue ... he was looking right at her at the time. Madame Macron seemed to squirm a bit as she moved closer to Melania during the exchange.

The French First Lady's age has been a hot topic over there -- she's 64, while her husband is 39 -- so, it's possible Trump was attempting to deliver a compliment.

No getting around it though ... this video is -- how do you say? Zee awkward.