O.J. Simpson's Kids Sydney & Justin Buy Up FL Real Estate ... Money Scrutinized by Goldman Attorney

7/31/2017 8:10 AM PDT

O.J. Simpson's Kids' Real Estate Holdings Under Scrutiny

O.J. Simpson's 2 kids with Nicole are buying up a bunch of properties in Florida, and Fred Goldman's attorneys want to know where they got the money to do it.

Sydney and Justin Simpson -- who are 31 and 28, respectively now -- both live in Florida and work in real estate ... and they're apparently doing very well in the industry.  According to the NY Post, they've each purchased a handful of apartments in the St. Petersburg area over the last 2 years.

There are reportedly no mortgages on the properties ... suggesting they paid cash.

An attorney for Goldman -- who won a $33.5 million judgment from O.J. following the civil trial for the families of Goldman and Simpson -- says he wants to follow the money trail. Simpson still owes the bulk of that money, and clearly Goldman has an interest in finding out if Simpson's hiding cash from him.

It won't be easy. Much of Simpson's wealth -- pensions and annuities -- is protected under Florida law.

We got video of Justin in Florida the day O.J. was paroled. Definitely seems like he's doing well, based on the car he's driving.