Costco Co-Founder Jeff Brotman Dead at 74

8/1/2017 3:08 PM PDT

Costco Co-Founder Jeff Brotman Dead at 74

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Jeff Brotman's showing God his membership card now -- Costco's co-founder and chairman died Tuesday.

The Seattle-based company announced his passing, but did not say anything about cause of death. Brotman started Costco Wholesale in 1983 with Jim Sinegal. He first served as chairman of the board, but since 1994 he's been chairman of the company.

The company operates 736 warehouses worldwide -- more than 500 in the U.S. alone -- and is worth about $70 billion.

Pour a little out in memory of Jeff tonight. Then wipe it up with that 40 pack of paper towels ya bought from Costco back in January.