Anthony Scaramucci Moocho Dinero Waiting After D.C. On Public Speaking Circuit

8/2/2017 1:00 AM PDT

Anthony Scaramucci Can Turn White House Debacle into $75k Speaking Engagements


Anthony Scaramucci's absurdly brief gig in the White House is going to pay off big-time, and help make the rich man even richer ... IF he chooses to cash in on making speeches.

Multiple sources plugged into the public speaking circuit tell us the Mooch is such a hot ticket right now, he could haul in $75,000 per event. We're told his market value as a hedge fund magnate and entrepreneur already made his speaking engagements worth roughly $25-50k -- but those 10 days in the West Wing make him a bigger draw, which means way more dough.

Our sources say the high drama around his administration stint adds extra appeal ... especially if he wanted to play the "sacrificial lamb." However, it's doubtful Scaramucci would turn on Trump in speeches just to make a buck. He's got plenty of money, and most D.C. insiders agree loyalty to the Prez wasn't his issue.

Bottom line -- Mooch is in position to clean up, and -- as they say -- come out smelling like a rose.